Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's the Difference?

We all hate the rich, don't we?

Filthy, disgusting, slime-ball, lying, cheating, abusive rich people.  They screw the little guy over in order to get rich, and then the IRS to avoid paying taxes.  They have off-shore accounts, Swiss bank accounts, trusts, investments, accountants, lawyers, lobbyists, and minions of all types making sure they pay very little, if no, income taxes at all.  Many politicians and "leaders" in this country make a lot of political hay over the evils of the rich and their scheming ways. 

But is that much different from...

Anyone else who does all they can to avoid the tax man?:

- The waiter/waitress that does not report all their tips
- The person that babysits for cash only and doesn't report the income
- The "lawn technician" that does not report income
- The "handyman" that insists on cash payments, and then doesn't report it to the IRS
- The welfare recipient that sells their benefits for .50 on the dollar to get cash (obviously not reported)
- Drug dealers you won't find reporting their income to the IRS
- People who sell at garage sales, on Craigslist, et al. and don't report the income
- People who get loans forgiven by friends/relatives and don't report that as income

So next time you get on your high horse and bemoan the fact that "the rich" don't pay their fair share - do you?

Remember what happens when you put 'the' and 'IRS' together: 'theirs'

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