Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It'd Be Funny If It Weren't True

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Please Stop

You. Yes, you.

Do us all a favor.

Catch up to the 2010's.

Get on board.

Get with it.

Understand what really happens when you finish doing it.

Pick up the pace.

Quit waiting.

Ask your kids, grandkids, whoever about it.

All we are saying, praying for, pleading for, hoping for, is that you...

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When you write a check at a major retailer, the check is turned into an electronic payment just as if you have used a debit card anyway, so you might as well just use a debit card.  A debit card is faster, more efficient, and doesn't take time to write out (especially if you wait until you are told the total before you even begin writing any part of the check).

People in line behind you don't like you when you write a check because it holds up the line.

To review:
Writing a check is the same as using a debit card; you take forever when you write a check; people in line behind you don't like you because you are writing a check; and you, and the people behind you, get home that much more quickly when you don't write a check.

If you don't believe me, **ahem** check it out!