Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do They Really Think We're This Dumb?

Are You Serious?!
This is the back of a school bus in our local school district.  I find the bumper sticker insulting and utterly ridiculous.
I'm a law and order kind of guy.  I understand that I must stop when a school bus is loading or unloading.  If I don't remember that from driver's ed, or from numerous public service announcements, or from stories of friends and co-workers getting tickets for not stopping while a school bus is loading or unloading, I'll be reminded about it when that little red STOP sign with the flashing lights pops out from the side of the bus whenever it is loading or unloading.  I am all about the kids being safe.
If, however, after all of that, I am still going to flout the law and do whatever I want around school buses, I seriously doubt that a blue bumper sticker with white lettering admonishing me to "Watch That Child!" (note the excellent use of the exclamation point to really stress that you should indeed "Watch That Child") will make a difference.  I guess it does make weak minded people feel better though.  It shows they really care and have done something about the problem by putting that bumper sticker on the bus.
And these days, it seems as if that is all that matters.