Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Prediction

Even though it's only August 5, I am willing to make a prediction on who Time's Person of the Year will be: Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.
Time will hail his her courageous stand to be who he she was meant to be.  Others will be interviewed about him her and grace us with their wisdom and insights such as:

"Dad Mom will be even closer to me now than ever before, sharing his her life and feelings just like the rest of us girls (giggle)" - Kendall Jenner

"I hope he she doesn't use my plastic surgeon" - Kim Kardashian

Uncontrollable crying - Female fans of the 1976 Olympic decathlon winner

"Gross, I used to kiss him her" - Kris Jenner

"You the man woman!" - Insert your favorite liberal celebrity name here

"Is she seeing anyone?" - Bill Clinton

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