Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Be Kind to Each Other

Words of Wisdom

I’ve collected great thoughts for many years, from many sources.  They inspire me, make me think, and brighten my day.  I hope they do the same for you.  Please leave comments or your favorite great thoughts in the comments section.

"The greatest thing a man can do for his heavenly Father is

to be kind to some of his other children."
- Henry Drummond
Mr. Drummond makes a good point - we need to be kind to everyone, because everyone is God's child.
Being kind to everyone does not mean that we have to go along with what they want to do.  Some people want to do bad things.  Nor does it mean we have to be friends with everyone.  What it means is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, especially those that need extra kindness - the elderly, the handicapped, and our enemies.  You should never let anyone take advantage of your kindness.  God calls on us to be kind to everyone, but not to be a doormat to be run over and taken advantage of.  Your self-love and self-respect should see to it that you be treated appropriately and respectfully.
The greatest test of your kindness and patience is when you are called upon to be kind and respectful to those that are serving you - a waiter or waitress, a salesperson, a cashier, store employee, or the plumber, electrician, or air conditioning guy.  The fact that you are paying someone for a service does not give you the right to treat them badly.  Always respect anyone who works and is trying.
Being kind applies especially to your family.  Too often, we take each other for granted and sometimes treat those we love worse than we treat strangers.  As sad as it is to think about, one day we will all die, and if we lived our life according to God's laws, will with God's grace and forgiveness go to Heaven.  Let the memories your family have of you be memories of kindness and goodness, grace and respectfulness.  Make each other your best friends; be good role-models for each other and for your friends. 

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