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Underappreciated: this must be fixed
One of the great travesties of the ages (well, since 1992 anyway) has bugged me immensely.  Over the years, the level of frustration with this situation has risen exponetially.  Every time I think of this miscarriage of justice, it cries out for immdiate rectification.  Brain Donors is one of the most underappreciated, hilarious movies made, and it is about time it received that recognition.
Climactic ballet scene - Brain Donors, 1992
Doctor, Doctor!
Released in 1992, Brain Donors stars John Tuturro, Mel Smith, and Bob Nelson as three idiots involved in trying to milk an old rich widow out of her money through the establishment and running of a ballet company, as stipulated in her late husband's will.  The old rich widow, Lillian Oglethorpe, is brought to life by the delightful Nancy Marchand.  Throw in John Savident as the blue blood lawyer Edmund Lazlo; he of proper manners, social courtesy, propriety, and all things befitting a man of honor and distinction.

John Tuturro stars as Roland T. Flakfizer, a lawyer quite often on the wrong side of the law.  His practice of the judicial arts annoys Lazlo as Flakfizer seeks out accident victims, passes out his business card in the hospital emergency room, and literally chases ambulances.

Mel Smith plays Rocco Melonchek, Flakfizer's driver and sidekick. Bob Nelson is Jaques, hired on a whim by Flakfizer for the simple reason that it makes Lazlo angry.

The movie is based on the Marx brothers film "A Night at the Opera" and is a laugh a minute.  WARNING: The first time you watch it, you may be underwhelmed.  That is because while laughing, you will have missed so many jokes because they come so fast.

Do yourself  a favor and watch this gem a couple of times.  You'll be glad you did. 

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