Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich Taught Us

Flashback - fall of 1995.  Newt Gingrich, first Republican Speaker of the House since the 1940's is going toe to toe with Democratic President Bill Clinton over the budget for fiscal year 1996. 
Both men want their vision of the budget implemented.  Gingrich, less spending and Clinton, more spending. 

The new fiscal year begins - still no budget.  Congress and the President agree on several continuing resolutions.  These continuing resolutions keep the government operating for a set period of time (usually two weeks each) at the previous year's spending levels.
Finally, it all comes to a head.  The Republican Congress send Clinton a spending bill he can't agree to, and he vetoes the bill.  Without Congress authorizing spending, the government shuts down.  From November 14-19, 1995 and December 16, 1995 - January 6, 1996,  all non-essential government workers were placed on furlough, and all non-essential government services were suspended.

Guess what?  We survived.  Life does not revolve around the idiots in Washington.  And it taught us a very important lesson:  Why is government doing anything that is non-essential anyway?  Our Founding Fathers believed in a very small, limited government; not one involved in every aspect of our lives.
Shut down all non-essential government functions permanently, and let freedom ring once again in this great nation!

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